10 out, Finale, Woot Done!

Oppa~ Fansubs brings you, Boku to Star no 99 Nichi Ep 10 Finale

Well here is the final episode. I’ve really enjoyed working on this show, Kim Tae Hee ftw. Thanks again to all the patient viewers and people who helped out. Especially fudgey, thanks for doing so many translations. Hope you guys enjoy the finale.

Torrent || DDL || Softsub

Translator: koitsu, fudgey_lumpkins, and fragantia
Tlc/Editing: koitsu
Timing: koitsu
Typesetting: koitsu
Encoding: koitsu
Qcing: koitsu

12 comments on “10 out, Finale, Woot Done!

  1. Thanks for giving us the chance of viewing such an incredible Drama, really thank you, you’ve done a great job and if you should take another drama in the near future I’d be honored to watch it :).

  2. To everybody on the team: thank you SO much for all the hard work! This was a delightful drama and I truly enjoyed watching every episode of it.

  3. There´s just only one big problem with this drama – it was so short 🙂
    Why couldn´t it be at least 16 episodes?
    Thanks for subbing, this was my (I suppose) second J-Drama (usually watch K-Dramas). Till this drama I hadn´t like Kim Tae Hee too much, but because of this drama I have begun her fan too. She was really nice and funny.

  4. Yay! Thanks to you guys, I could enjoy this drama! I liked it more and more with each episode! Kouhei and Yuna are so cute together! 😀

    Waiting for the softsubs link! Thank you! 😀

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