Episode 8 Released ;)

Oppa~ Fansubs brings you, Boku to Star no 99 Nichi Ep 8

Super late I know. Catching some R&R on my winter vacation seems to be taking its toll on my drama efforts, plus my lack of a desktop is killing my encoding abilities. Anyways, great episode, and hopefully 9 will be out faster. Enjoy, and softsubs will be out in under a day. Once again thanks to yuta_rule and fudgey as always for doing a third of the translations each.

Torrent || DDL || Softsub

Translator: koitsu, yuta_rule, and fudgey_lumpkins
Tlc/Editing: koitsu
Timing: koitsu
Typesetting: koitsu
Encoding: koitsu
Qcing: koitsu

16 comments on “Episode 8 Released ;)

  1. I am a little disappointed. Compared to the other episodes, this one was subpar. I liked the ending though. At least the main issue is now solved!

    Anyway, thank you!

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