Ep 6, Super Late, but here it is anyways!

Oppa~ Fansubs brings you, Boku to Star no 99 Nichi Ep 6

Super late release this week guys. Sorry for the delay, was all on me this time. Finals etc. Will get softsubs done soon, but in the meanwhile enjoy this hardsub. Will try to be faster this week, but still got a couple finals left. Thanks to those who are showing interest in joining us. Also, if there is anyone who is good with blogs/site maintenance and wants to fix ours up, hit me up.

Torrent || DDL || Softsub

Translator: koitsu & fudgey_lumpkins
Tlc/Editing: koitsu
Timing: koitsu
Typesetting: koitsu
Encoding: koitsu
Qcing: koitsu

14 comments on “Ep 6, Super Late, but here it is anyways!

  1. I’ve been waiting for this T^T.. thank you so much.. take your time, do what you need to do I can wait (even though its painful) but I am so grateful that someone picked up this drama 😀

  2. Thank you!!!!
    This episode is really cute xD.
    I love the way Yuna lied that “Ok, cactus so you come back. Because you don’t have anywhere to go, I guess I have to give you a place.” =))))))) Kim Tae Hee is really really good at this scene.

    And honestly, I fall in love with Nishijima Hidetoshi-san more and more :-s.

    I love your subs Oppa fansubs!!!!
    Gambatte, ne :P.
    *Give all the subteam a hug*

  3. Thank you! I like it. The story is unoriginal and cheesy, but the actors make up for it. Especially the lead actress. It helps that the drama has a fast pace compared to others, too. Haven’t seen such a good show in a long time!

  4. if by me volunteering to maintain the site will increase your productivity in subing then count me in 😀

    i can do website designs and programming, blog maintenance is easy job for me

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