Episode 4 Hardsubs and Softsubs out!!!

Oppa~ Fansubs brings you, Boku to Star no 99 Nichi Ep 4

Here are the hardsubs for episode 4. Took a bit longer as I did the translations solo this week, but luckily we got a new timer on the staff. Welcome wShinobi to our little group, and yes, he did the second half. We can still use more staffers to speed up the process, so if you have interest, send me a pm. Otherwise enjoy, and expect softsubs soon for all you softy lovers.

Torrent || DDL || Softsubs

Translator: koitsu
Tlc/Editing: koitsu
Timing: wShinobi & koitsu
Typesetting: koitsu
Encoding: koitsu
Qcing: koitsu

10 comments on “Episode 4 Hardsubs and Softsubs out!!!

  1. Thanks a lot for Ep04 subs.
    Usually I don´t watch TV series with all the episodes not aired. That´s because I know that if I´m interested in the Drama I am able to watch it in 1-3 days and It would be painful to wait week by week for another episode. But now I have made a mistake and watched first 3 episodes and now I´m so addicted that it is so hard to wait for another episodes 🙂

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