Episode 3 Hardsubs and Softsubs!

Oppa~ Fansubs brings you, Boku to Star no 99 Nichi Ep 3

Episode 3 hardsubs hot off the press! I’m learning encoding on the fly here since my current encoder is a tad unreliable*cough*dragon4333*cough*. Regardless I managed to cut down the size but if anyone out there wants to encode, or at least run me through some avs filters, I’d be much obliged. Still desperately need some dedicated and experienced timers. Actually, dedicated is fine, I’ll teach you. Softsubs are coming tomorrow or day after in all likelihood.

Torrent || Hardsub DDLs || Softsubs

Translator: fudgey_lumpkins & koitsu
Tlc/Editing: koitsu
Typesetting/Timing: koitsu
Encoding: koitsu
Qcing: koitsu

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