Boku to Star no 99 Nichi English Subtitles

Oppa~ Fansubs presents English subtitles for our first project, Boku to Star no 99 Nichi, starring Nishijima Hidetoshi and Kim Tae Hee.

Synopsis by Fuji TV:

A body guard Namiki Kohei is assigned to a Korean super star, Han Yuna. Kohei is less than ordinary, a single man almost 40 in age working part time at a security company. Despite his kind and attractive looks, he is surrounded by people who boss him around with unreasonable demands. He keeps a dream to himself, a desire to someday become an astronomer and find his very own star. He justifies not being able to fulfill this dream to lack of funds and issues with his family.

Han Yuna, on the other hand, while having a perfect face and body, loves to eat junk food. She also has a kind heart for helping others in need. While every aspect of her life may seem like a girl’s dream come true, she feels a certain solitude being in the entertainment industry.

As Kohei and Han Yuna come closer and closer to each other, they become an inseparable couple, discovering true love. Where will the couple end up after the contracted 99 days? A heart-warming love comedy that will make you realize once again how precious love can be.


Nishijima Hidetoshi as Namiki Kohei
Kim Tae Hee as Han Yuna
Sakuraba Nanami as Namiki Momo
Ok Taecyeon as Teson
Asaka Mayumi as Serizawa Naoko
Ikuta Tomoko as Namiki Yukiko
Katagiri Hairi as Numata Mitsuyo
Ishiguro Hideo as Kondo Tamotsu
Baisho Mitsuko as Saegusa Emiko
Kaname Jun as Hashizume Kazuya
Sasaki Kuranosuke as Takanabe Yamato
Furukawa Yuki as Natsume Junkichi

Episode 01
Translator: fudgey_lumpkins
Translation checker and Editor: tipsytoto
Typesetter and Timer: koitsu
Encoder: dragon433

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Resync to \( -o _ o- )/ 720p release: Softsubs Mediafire || Softsubs Megaupload

Episode 02
Translator: fudgey_lumpkins & koitsu
Translation checker and Editor: koitsu
Typesetter and Timer: Desi
Encoder: koitsu
QCer: Desi

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